My Story Of Resilience

I was raised by alcoholic parents, including a violent and neglectful mother who often left a disabled sister in my care. This left me hostile, paralyzed with fear, distrusting of people, and obsessed with contracting every disease I could possibly imagine.

My childhood experiences could have negatively impacted my life today. I instead chose to use them as the basis for forming me into the strong and resilient woman I am today.

My evolution began with writing an award-winning research paper in college: "Victim of Parental Spirits". My personal story about the effects of living in an unpredictable alcoholic home.

Writing that paper sparked the beginning of my transformation and launched me on a life-long quest to understand how humans change. I read every personal growth and self-help book I could get my hands on, studied top coaches like Tony Robbins, Byron Katie, Rhonda Britten and more, and became an avid student of Positive Psychology, Buddhism,  and Neuroscience.

I was on a journey to discover the science of things and how this applied to who I was and what I was meant to do.

After experiencing some therapies that didn’t work for me, I was eventually introduced to the Beverly Hills psychoanalyst who 'changed my life', and encouraged me to use what I learned to help others. I transitioned out of a successful accounting career, hired top master coaches, and, in 2007, opened my coaching practice.

The rest as they say is history.


Several events occurred in 2019 that pressure tested all of it. In February, my sister Cathy (whom I had cared for as a child) died suddenly after a short illness. Two months later, my husband suffered several complications from two long and risky surgeries to his spinal cord, not the least of which was quadriplegia. The staggering costs of his round the clock care and rehabilitation plunged us instantly into a financial crisis.

These experiences tested my reserves, and forced me to use every tool, thought process, and emotional processing I had ever learned, taught, and practiced.

While not perfectly, I moved through 2019 with the resilience I knew I could count on because of my childhood experiences, and the habits and practices I created over the years that cultivated that resilience. Most importantly, my growth journey taught me to trust people enough to form deep and meaningful friendships - something I had struggled to create until well into my thirties.

Most people would view my life experiences as negative ones.  

I on the other hand have used them to serve me and GROW me into the resilient, fulfilled, and joyful person I am today.

This is what I believe all of us are called to - to grow from our struggles and circumstances and not be victimized by them.

Let me help you do the same.

No matter what life has thrown your way,
you can experience joy, and peace again.

I did - and you can too.

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