Does This Sound Familiar?

There is a Solution

Customized Half and Full Day
In-house Workshops

These fully customized workshops are highly interactive and experiential so the material really 'sticks' for your leaders and staff.

My human-centered science-based training will impart concrete skills that your employees can implement immediately.


Leaders Will Learn To:

  • Better manage their stress response, be less reactive, and improve their emotional regulation
  • Communicate with compassion, clarity, and confidence
  • Improve relationships across, above, and below
  • Sky-rocket their efficiency and productivity

Teams Will:

  • Relate better with one another - less blame and fewer unhelpful assumptions
  • Improve collaboration and coordination through clear, kind, and transparent communication
  • Greatly improve the level of trust within
  • Sky-rocket their efficiency and productivity

To discuss your workshop requirements please send an email to
or call 818-359-0274

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."
Victor E. Frankl

Workshop Feedback

“Thank you for providing an incredibly excellent workshop today. It was, well, simply magnificent. I find myself eagerly awaiting the next installment. You are truly a master.”

M. Barett (CEO - Event Host)

“Thank you Thank you Thank you! You were wonderful and everyone so enjoyed our experience (yes, not a presentation, an experience). What a pleasure.”

K. Masteller (Attorney - Event Host)

“Your session came at a perfect time for me - it was helpful to learn new techniques and a great reminder to employ those I already know when I get triggered or life just 'happens' and stress ramps up. Thank you for the collaborative way you led it!”

Kassandra G. (Attendee)

"Everything changed for me in like 3 days after your workshop. I'm STILL Amazed."

S. King (Attendee)

"Shirley Oya knows how to set the stage for people to discover, delve, and deepen their self-awareness, and she guides this awakening with skill and precision. Her presentations are rich, insightful, and full of valuable information."

J. O'Connell (Event Host)

Shirley Oya, CPCC, BCC, is trained and certified through The Co-Active Training Institute, is a Board Certified Coach, and a member of ICF (International Coach Federation) worldwide governing body for professional coaches.

Your Contribution

A portion of your investment is donated to established organizations doing great work with our veterans and those with cerebal palsy.