You talk.

I listen deeply.

Together we create something new and your life transforms.

Some coaches have a formula or program for coaching

I Don't

Every human being is unique so why should you try to ‘fit into’ a pre-formed agenda?

I get present with you, I listen deeply, and together we create something extraordinary. It’s not just surface change - it’s deep transformation that becomes the springboard for powerful action.

Nothing woo woo here - my work is grounded in the principles of neuroscience and positive psychology (plus decades of experience and personal growth), and I use practical exercises that help you get clear about what you want and then take concrete steps to achieve it.

I have a proven track record of getting results with my clients - often quite quickly, and with more success than they’ve received from other forms of help.

You will be amazed at how much struggle you can let go of and how much vitality, meaning, and freedom, you will have in your life.

My work is not for everyone

If you embrace the idea that change is up to you, and you don't see yourself as a victim of your circumstances then get in touch to see if my work is right for you.

If you are serious and motivated, coaching will work for you.

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"Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
Mary Oliver

We work on whatever you bring to coaching

You set the agenda

I work with a small number of clients at a time so I can put a lot of energy into each engagement. Your investment is for a period of time, not per session. 

I carefully choose who I work with and that is why I have a good track record of results. What matters is that we are a fit for each other - I’m not the coach for everyone. The best way to find out is to do a ‘try before you buy’ session (after an initial screening call). Most of the results in coaching depend on you, the client - if you show up committed and open to learning, you will get results. If I’m not the coach for you, I will offer recommendations or referrals to others.

Some benefits of coaching

  • A greater ability to focus on what matters most
  • A more effective relationship to stress, anxiety and setbacks
  • Deeper connection with others through clear, kind, and transparent communication
  • Increased clarity of values, goals and commitments
  • Ability to experience inner peace and joy even when outer circumstances are less than ideal

You can experience peace and freedom again

Shirley has a talent both in recognizing with great precision where the excuses we give ourselves are hiding, and in taking me to a more centered, unified, true place.

A place where the difference between what is really important to me, and what my inner saboteur wants to make important, finally became more apparent. I've become more aware and accepting of myself and my emotions, and able to come from a more grounded, confident place. My communication skills have improved, and so have my relationships. I was able to rewrite a long held 'story' that I don't finish things, and produced 3 videos, launched a website, and got my first paying photography client with more to come.

~ Alex Paolillo, Professional musician and photographer

Your Contribution

A portion of your investment is donated to established organizations doing great work with our veterans and those with cerebal palsy.

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