Feel Trapped By The Life You've Created?
Release the Exhaustion and Unlock a Life of Balance, Meaning, and Freedom

You’re successful, yet you feel burned out and stressed out by the very success that you’ve created. You long for a more fulfilling and meaningful life in all areas - not just your work. You've lost touch with your passion, your zest. There is a solution. Book a complimentary first call and create the life you desire WITHOUT losing all that you've worked for.

“You have enhanced my life so much and your calm demeanor and intelligent questioning and directing have helped me trust my own ‘inner wisdom’. Thank you for all your wonderful, patient, and loving guidance”

~ Fern B

Shirley Oya


Senior Executives | Successful Entrepreneurs | High Performers


I’m glad you came to visit.

You’re not average in any sense of the word! You’re successful, driven, and ambitious. You have always been a high achiever, always wanted more out of life, and you’ve had little trouble achieving your goals. But now you feel trapped - by your success, by what you have been able to achieve. To step down, or step out of this space, feels terrifying - as if you will lose your identity and everything that you have worked for.

Yet you crave balance, freedom, and meaning. An escape from the busyness and the grind of living up to expectations and responsibilities.

  • You want to stop feeling disillusioned and trapped by a successful career and make the leap to a new career or find renewed purpose and meaning in your current career!
  • You want to leave behind feeling unbalanced and bearing too much responsibility and start feeling whole, centered, and excited about life again!
  • You want to end the exhaustion, burn-out and lack of joy and leap into a renewed sense of energy, vitality and happiness!
  • You miss that sense of inner peace and well being and are ready to experience deep peace, joy and wholeness again!
  • You are tired of feeling alone and isolated from friends and family and you’re ready to achieve deeper connections and have fun.
  • You want to end the guilt, strained relationships and feeling of disconnection from your kid's lives and you’re ready to create renewed and meaningful relationships with them.

If you resonate with any of these statements then click the button below to book a complimentary deep dive session. In this immensely insightful session you will gain clarity as to exactly what needs to change and we’ll begin to explore how to move you towards those goals. If we find we are a good fit then I may extend an invitation to continue our work.

If you are committed and want more, then click below to book your deep dive session.

“I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me”

~ 5 Regrets of the Dying

Most high performers use coaches -

whether athletes, actors, or top executives.

My clients are already successful, yet they feel burned out and stressed out by the very success they’ve created. They long for a more fulfilling and meaningful life in all areas - not just their work. So they hire me to help them succeed in new ways.

I coach these highly driven people from feeling unfulfilled and burned out, to a life of purpose, meaning and inner peace.

Whether you want to change your career or become more resilient and productive in the one you’re in, uplevel your business, heal a relationship, or overcome a difficult circumstance, you’ve come to the right place.

We work on whatever you bring to the coaching including but not limited to:

  • Stress and Resilience
  • Career/Financial
  • Relationships
  • Business

“Thank you for another wonderful session!!! There just aren't words that could begin to reflect your brilliant, compassionate expertise nor my deepest appreciation and admiration. You are a master teacher, mentor, colleague.”

~ Michael B.

I lean into practical real world knowledge and personal experience (the most important piece), along with tools from current brain science to help you create deep and lasting change that doesn't take years to decades to accomplish.

If you're curious and interested, get in touch with me today.